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Tapioca: An Overview

            Cassava or Tapioca {Manihot esculenta Crantz} was introduced to India during the latter part of 18th century. Tapioca is a crop of economic importance, both as a food, feed and as a raw material for industrial products and considered as the cheapest source of carbohydrates amongst the cereals, tubers and root crops.

            In the world production of tapioca, India's share is around 6% to 10%, the other important countries in the world pool are Indonesia, Thailand, and few countries from Africa and S.America.

            Being an important tuber crop and highly perishable in nature there is a strong need to utilise this extra production in the form of food, animal and poultry feed and industrial products. Tapioca tubers are processed into dried chips which could be used for making flour or used as such. Tapioca flour is used in bakery or in the preparation of vermicelli. In Kerala, tapioca is mostly used for food preparation and a little is diverted for making starch. However in Tamil Nadu, tapioca is mainly processed into starch and sago from starch.
[Source: Green Book on Tapioca - Compiled by Ashok Kr Gupta I.A.S.]
Tapioca : Its Usefulness
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