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Button I.A.W.M.D 's GoldenWebAwards.com : 2003 - 2004 Golden Web Awards [ Dt. 19-Jan-2004 ]
2003 - 2004 Golden Web Awards          *.*.*.*.*.*.*. Your Award Results .*.*.*.*.*.*.*

         Official Results for Jain Tirthankars Screensaver Charityware

                                      Regarding the

                   "2003-2004 Golden Web Awards"

All web sites are voted on by the Association members.

- All I.A.W.M.D. decisions are FINAL -


      *.*.*.*.*.*.* YOUR RESULTS *.*.*.*.*.*.*



Jain Tirthankars Screensaver Charityware has been reviewed and chosen to bear the "2003-2004 Golden Web Award."

Note: As a recipient of the prestigious Golden Web Award, we invite you to join your fellow webmasters and designers in over "145" countries worldwide, by becoming a respected Professional Member of the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.

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Button Nu-Horizons Design Studio Resource Site Award & Personal Site Award [ Dt. 30-Oct-2003 ]

             We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and informative content. Considering the nature of your site, it is with great pleasure that we give you the Resource Site Award, as well as our Personal Site Award.

Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Resource Site Award
Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Personal Site Award

             We ask that you do not alter the award in any way, and a link back to Nu-Horizons Design Studio would be appreciated, but is not compulsory. Should you list your awards by country, this award is from Canada. The URL address to use for linking purposes is: http://www.akavirgo.com

Lynne Miller

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Button SpeedyAdverts's Trust Worthy Website [ Dt. 26-Oct-2003 ]
Trust Worthy Website Cerfitication Hello!

You are authorised!

Please publish our badge with a link back.

Speedyadverts.com - Any web site showing the "Trust Worthy Website" badge, indicates to have a "Highly Ethical", "Family Friendly", and a "Safe Surf Web Site". Rest assured that these web sites are "Top Rated" and "Trust Worthy". All merit goes to their respective Webmasters and Webmistresses for their professional work!

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Button Hotsite Award (Silver Award) [ Dt. 11-Oct-2003 ]
Hot Site Award Congratulations, Nitesh Kumar Jain N.

You have won a Hotsite Award!

The Hotsite Award Team
Hotsite Award

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Button Majon Web Select "Seal of Excellence Award" [ Dt. 11-Oct-2003 ]
Majon Web Select Award Hello!

Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD".

The Web Select Team

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Button The PCman Website Web Merit Award 2003 [ Dt. 02-Oct-2003 ]
The PCman Website Web Merit Award 2003 *****Congratulations!*****

             We are pleased to announce that after careful review of your website it has been decided that your site has won, "The PCman Website Web Merit Award 2003"

             You can view the winners list at:

Best Regards,

Webmaster, The PCman Website

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Button NoEasyTask.com Health & Family Resources "Award Of Excellence" 2002-2003 [ Dt. 27-Sep-2003 ]
NoEasyTask.com Health & Family Resources Award Of Excellence 2002-2003 Congratulations! You have won the NoEasyTask.com Health & Family Resources "Award Of Excellence" 2002-2003.

Awarded for design, content & your contribution to health & family.

Display with pride, for a job well done.

Best regards,

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Button Human Wisdom Award for Outstanding Altruism and Contribution to a Human Era [ Dt. 14-Sep-2003 ]
Human Wisdom Award for Outstanding Altruism and Contribution to a Human Era Dear Nitesh,

             Allowing people to enjoy the exceptional beauty of your culture, encouraging them to manifest generosity, and doing so in such a kind and inspiring atmosphere as that of your website is one of the essential steps in the creation of the worldwide synergy necessary to move this world of ours towards a Human Era.

             In view of these considerations I am pleased to inform you that your exceptional website Jain Tirthankars Screensaver (Charityware) has been awarded the Human Wisdom Award for Outstanding Altruism and contribution to a Human Era. I hope that your kindness and generosity will keep expanding and inspire more and more people to join the worldwide synergy growing every day in our common strive for a better world for all.

             Jain Tirthankars Screensaver (Charityware) website is now featured as the Site of the Week in our dedicated section Forerunners of a Human Era - http://humanwisdom.ca/hwsynergicmedia.html

             Please find attached the award graphic which you can display in your website as a well merited token of appreciation.


Dan Bostan

Human Wisdom Endeavor

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Button Nothinginlife.com "Best of the Web Award" [ Dt. 02-Sep-2003 ]
Best of the Web Award Congratulations!

             After review of your site, the editors at Nothinginlife.com has chosen your site to receive our "Best of the Web Award".

             You have been listed here http://www.nothinginlife.com/cat/winaward.html

Best Regards,
Rudy DeDominicis
Executive Producer

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Button For Contributions to Humanity Award [ Dt. 02-Sep-2003 ]
Contributions to Humanity Award What is Stavanger 5 Star Award?

             Stavanger 5 Star Award was created to recognize personal home pages on the WWW that are presented with excellence in design, layout, presentation, content, uniqueness and origianlity. One of the primary considerations is that the site include something original in its contributions to the Internet. We prefer to think of Internet as citizens of a global community, brought together for the purpose of improving the human condition in some manner.

             The "For contributions to Humanity" Award was received from Stavanger 5 Star Award on 02-Sep-2003.
Button Humanity Award [ Dt. 21-Aug-2003 ]
Humanity Award for Nitesh Kumar Jain N.              The Humanity Award is been exclusively created and rewarded to selfless lovers of humanity.

             Received from Ace Toscano of acetoscano@earthlink.net on 21-Aug-2003.

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